On Determinism and Free Will
Apr, 11, 2022

The argument “determinism vs free will” has been raging for centuries.

This means that there is probably something wrong with the manner in which the question is posed (“do human beings have free will, or are we deterministic, driven purely by causal factors beyond our control?”).

It is very frequently the case that unanswerable questions or unsolvable problems are formulated incorrectly, in some uncomprehended manner, and that this incorrect formulation prevents their solution.

It is certainly the case that we are not absolutely free, but neither does it seem that we are forced in every manner to act in the manner of the marionette, whose every movement depends on forces beyond his control.

It appears reasonable and appropriate to think of the relationship between determinism and free will more poetically, more imaginatively, more metaphorically: the two operate in the manner of dancing partners, each dependent on the other. Src JP.