AIOps Technology
Apr, 11, 2022

As a result of Chase’s growing portfolio of digital products and services, the company will have to radically transform its operational methodologies to function less like a bank and more like a software company. This means: Chase must shift from monitoring its infrastructure to monitoring its applications. After all, the performance of the company’s apps will almost entirely dictate the user experience.

Many enterprises will likely follow a similar, albeit less expensive, path as Chase. And they too will have to focus on app availability as they offer more digital products and services on more ephemeral machines.

There’s only one way to improve service assurance in such modern IT environments: AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT Operations). AIOps tools ensure availability by helping DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams quickly identify and fix issues that affect the performance of an enterprise’s apps and vital services.

But it’s not just about buying an AIOps platform – it’s about implementing the right AIOps platform. In our increasingly app-focused world, AIOps tools that speed application fixes will be more helpful than those supporting infrastructure and traditional IT operations.  Src DV