A Wing And A Prayer
Apr, 06, 2022

A wing and a prayer or the enemy (this has to stop).

God, lift from me the intolerable burden of my ignorance, arrogance, wilful blindness, bitterness and resentment as I pray that others rise above the same faults and temptations.

Am I concerning myself with the dust on my enemy’s eyes instead of attending to the filth that obscures my own sight?

Do we want accusation, suspicion, discord, division, and hatred? Or the peace and prosperity and happiness that beckons to us at this moment, like never before. Who’s the enemy here? Is it the basket of deplorable, is it the freaks and the queers, is it the plumbers and carpenters and tradesmen and managers, who work honestly and diligently during the day. And the soldiers who stewardly defend the borders and protect us, is it the artists and visionaries whose expression of unbridled creativity entertain and regulate us and to continually offer to us an unending panaplea of technological miracle. Is it the institutions that guide and protect us that so many lived and died to correct and establish.

A wing and a prayer or the enemy (this has to stop).

Do we want revenge or justice? Do we want contempt or mercy? Do we want war or peace? And what are we aiming at in our heart of hearts?

Who is the enemy here? The snake in my heart, the lies on my tongue, the arrogance of my intellect, the cowardice of my refusal to see? The enemy is that which divides to sow discord. The enemy is the pride and the fear that stops us from lending a hand across the divide. The enemy is the great and internal adversary of mankind. And if I demonize my brother, our comrades and arms, do we not precisely call that dread spirit forth? Have we not yet learned courage, trust, truth, love even unto your enemy which is yourself.

God forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. May what is highest guide our vision, may what is highest open our ears, may what is highest guide our tongues, and may we pray fearful fearful of the hell we could so easily and carelessly create. Deliver us from evil. Shine a light into the corners of our dark hearts for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever. src. JP